New Member Initiative & Advertising Opportunity

End of Life Planning Guides

We are delighted to announce a new initiative, in collaboration with Texas Association for Home Care & Hospice (TAHCH) and Skyways Media, we are rolling out a new regionally printed publication which aims to guide families through the planning process for the 'End-of-Life" decisions.


 EOl guide1

Designed with each Chapter in mind, these guides will list our members, including their contact details, along with the Chapter members of TAHCH. Enhanced listings are available. Skyways Media will discuss your options with you in greater detail.

Our focus is to support those at the end-of-life planning phase, addressing topics and challenges faced by individuals and families. Content has been developed which is sensitive and informative and we hope families will see this as their 'go-to' guide when considering end-of-life options.

These printed publications are very high quality and will be distributed by members of both our respected organizations.


The cost of design and printing the guides, although sizeable, will be subsidized entirely by third party collaborative sponsors who will take features within the publications.

Sponsors of these guides will have a unique opportunity to have their business advertised to a select audience, that are seeking their services and products.

This exciting new initiative will allow our members and sponsors to get their details into the hands of potential clients, at a time when key end-of-life planning decisions must be made. Our joint associations are looking forward to providing this added member benefit and developing links within our communities.

 guide2 TFDAtahch