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Join TFDA today!  As a member of the Texas Funeral Directors Association, you will be part of an active and vibrant organization!  For more information, please call (512) 442-2304.


Membership categories include:

Firm:  Applicant must be licensed and own or operate a funeral establishment.  Where more than one establishment is operated by the same ownership,  dues will be determined by total adult casket sales.

Commercial Embalmer Membership:  Applicant must be licensed and own or operate a commercial embalming establishment. Where more than one member establishment is operated by the same ownership, dues will be determined independently.

Vendor Associate Membership: Vendor and supplier companies may become members under this category.  Vendors, suppliers, and their Texas sale representatives at this membership level shall be accorded all rights and privileges available to members of the corporation, except for the right to vote and hold office in the corporation.

Associate Membership: Suppliers, cemetery owners, registered apprentices and surviving spouses or dependents who are not actively employed by a firm member.

Individual Membership:  Any licensed funeral director and/or embalmer who does not own or operate a Firm or Commercial Embalming Establishment is eligible to be an individual member.  If you are not employed by a member firm you may join as an individual for $150 per year.  If you are employed by a member firm, you may join for $80 per year.