TFDA Governmental Affairs


Advocacy 101

Legislative and Regulatory

So, you'd like to know more about TFDA's Advocacy efforts and maybe even get involved! But where do you begin?
Let's start with the basics:

Say what, now?

Bills, amendments, caucuses - there are a lot of government terms to keep straight and that can get downright confusing! Download a handy Legislative Terms guide for reference. From "Act" to "Veto" and everything in between, this alphabetized guide will help you keep on top of the discussion.

Or review the process in just three minutes, courtesy of School House Rock!

Who regulates us?

TFDA is active in monitoring activity both at the Texas Legislature (House and Senate) and Texas Funeral Service Commission. As the only advocacy group in Texas that fights exclusively for funeral directors as well as the families they serve, TFDA keeps a wide eye and narrow focus on issues that impact funeral service and small business.

Choosing What to Focus On

The Legislative and PAC Committees monitor and evaluate issues and candidates. Selected issues and candidates receive TFDA support. Contact TFDA Staff if you would like to be a part of our Committee process.

Legislative Contact Teams

A new program, Legislative Contact Teams are the face and voice of the funeral service profession for lawmakers in Austin and are essential to TFDA’s continued success and growing influence at the Texas Legislature. This program is designed to build relationships between TFDA and the Legislature by matching TFDA members with legislators. If you are interested in signing up, please complete this form.

Download Legislative Contact Team Manual
Download PAC manual